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Lose Weight While Watching TV! Get a hot-bod without going to the gym! Do these stretches while watching TV. #5 works so well http://dailyinterestingtips.com/stretches-to-do-while-watching-tv


I made a November fitness daily challenge thingy for all of you… again. Hope you enjoy it and do it everyday! If you failed to do them all daily last month TRY HARDER THIS MONTH. OK BITCH YOU ARE SO DAMN STRONG SO WORK YOUR ARM/AB/BUTT/LEG MUSCLES.



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This doesn’t burn more calories than a 30 minute run….. u wot m8


Here we have my 30 day wall sit challenge.

You can do this anytime and anyplace, it’s a quick and easy challenge and you will certainly feel it in your thighs and calves. Maybe even a little booty!

For the average joe’s: I suggest having your hands against the wall but still making sure your back is straight and legs are 90 degrees.

For the real beasts: have your arms out straight, maybe even be on tip toe as you sit, you could also incorporate dumbbells, holding them at 90 degrees or doing some curls. 

Please do listen to your body, if you feel it hurts TOO much then take an extra rest day to avoid any injuries.

Eat clean and well.. GOOD LUCK!


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New cardio workout I have been doing about once a week at the gym! When I do it, I burn close to 750 calories and I am absolutely DRENCHED in sweat (which is good!).

If you guys try it, let me know how it is for you. Tweet me or send me a message :)